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Pamela Dussault

I was STUNNED by the results of my first Reconnective Healing session.... I had experienced many other ‘energy’ healing modalities through the years and entered my reconnective healing session with the same level of openness and trust and curiosity.  I had no idea how profoundly my life would change from the exposure to these frequencies.  I found myself enthusiastically delving into all the information I could find to see just what is this??  I wanted to be with others who were being touched as I was which led me to attend the seminars.  I had no intention of becoming a practitioner at that time but soon realized, MUCH to my surprise that that indeed was my path and that I was to offer myself up as a conduit for this beautiful work.
Since that time many doors have opened for me and I have had the blessed opportunity to work with many clients; witnessing how they are touched and healed by their own opening to these frequencies.  With every person I am humbled and ‘Awe- nored’ to somehow be partnering with them in our mutual journey of the flowering of consciousness that is occurring in our lifetimes NOW!
I have also had beautiful results with long distance work. 

Reconnective Healing is a form of hands-off healing, introducing energy frequencies which increase vibratory levels to allow for the healing of body, mind and spirit.
Some people have experienced dramatic healing of illness after having Reconnective Healing. Others have experienced increased self-esteem, improved levels of self confidence, deep feelings of inner peace and powerful shifts on their personal healing journey.

Reconnective healing reconnects us to our natural state, which is wellness, balance and harmony with all that is.

These sometimes highly palpable energies or Reconnective frequencies are initiated at the start of our your session and continue working with you long after your visit has ended.

Reconnective Healing sessions are $80 each, 2 for $150 or 3 for $200 (fees vary by practitioner)—one, two or 3 sessions are recommended at a given point in your life to aid you with what you are experiencing. The idea is for you not to become dependent upon the Reconnective Healing Practitioner to sustain this process; rather, you only need to see the practitioner for as long as it takes for you to allow the healing to happen on its own. The Reconnection is always $333, is a one-time process, and includes both sessions. Contact me to schedule your appointment.

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"I am going thru a lot of changes in my life, and my sessions with PamAllah have definitely helped me to become re-acquainted with more of my true self. I am aiming at more and more alignment, and I fell that the connections made with the help of PamAllah are aiding me in my journey. During my last session, we were 2000 miles apart, and I could feel the blessings nonetheless. Definitely powerful and life-changing stuff. -Dan in Wisconsin


My sessions with PamAllah awakened a feeling of lightness and possibility. I had images of flying through the universe and opening to its healing powers. It was a very sweet experience and full of energy. I enjoyed being worked on by PamAllah, and seeing how reconnective healing has affected her. Her sincerity and enthusiasm for this work are very apparent. - C.Q., Eugene, Oregon


I have had subtle beautiful things happen since receiving the work. I have appreciated patterns in nature and light. I have been able to stay centered in the midst of difficult issues surrounding me. I have made choices that benefitted me and my partner in a positive way. I want to continue with the work as I feel it helps me to see the beauty in my world more clearly. This is a wonderful gift for which I am grateful. -M.T. Hood River, Oregon


Pamela's work is both gentle and powerful.  Her approach combines a loving space of silence and a tender encouragement for energy to move through and clear the hidden places where pain wants to be revealed.  She is a wonderful practioner of this work. -J.M. Mnt. Shasta, CA


I have had several sessions with PamAllah! for reconnective healing and The Reconnection. I consider myself to be an open minded skeptic whom is interested in alternative medicine and spiritual inspirations whom practices regular meditation. I have been exposed to quite a few different healing practices in my time, from the very ethereal to the very tangible. The healings that I have had with PamAllah! have been unique in that I have been able to witness my spirit apart from my body in a way that was not scary but intellectually profound and spiritually invigorating. My consciousness was opened in a way during reconnective healing that I sought The Reconnection immediately after. For me, this healing is amazing, moving and remains a deep moving experience. The healing expansive universal images that came to me during sessions stayed with me for long periods of time and are with me still, nearly a year after my first healing. PamAllah’s way is very gentle and doesn’t have expectations. She taps into a deep Mother Earth intelligence, transmitting divine light to those souls drawn to this healing- a conduit who is both humble and respectful- a great blessing and privilege it has been to be healed and continue to be healed by this beautiful soul.  -Amy. Corvallis, Oregon

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